Claim Missing ER Points

ER Points Expiration

If you could not earn any ER Point for period of more than three (3) months, your ER Points systematically will start to deduct in your EyesunRose Benefit Club account from the 4th month and each month up to 10% of your accrued ER Points. Your accrued ER Points will expire ten (10) months after the calendar month in which such ER Points were earned. For example, if you earned your last ER Points on August 15, 2020, on December 15 , 2020 it will start to deduct 10% of your accrued ER Points and they will expire on Jun 15, 2020. You can view and track your ER Points and ER credits balance and available Rewards, as well as any additional benefits for which you are eligible as a EyesunRose Benefit Club member, in your dashboard on or by using the EyesunRose mobile app.